About Mang’u High School

My alma mater- Mang’u High. Aluta continua, Victoria acerta!

The Mang'u Writers' Forum

Mang’u High School is a Kenyan National High School established in 1925, located in Kiambu County along the Nairobi-Thika Highway six kilometres from Thika, Kenya.

The former Principal was Mr Henry Raichena until his passing.  Mr Abraham Githuka is the current Principal.


Mang’u High School was started in 1925 at Kabaa by a Dutch priest, Michael Witte, of the Holy Ghost Fathers (Spiritans as they were known in Continental Europe) . On 2 July 1913 the first priest moved to Kabaa to start a mission on a 5-acre piece of land. This mission was abandoned in 1920 due to lack of sufficient converts. By then, a Catholic mission had been established at Kilungu. At this mission, Michael Joseph Witte, a Dutch, was running a Central School for Catechists in 1923. It was decided to expand this school to a Central Training School for Catechists. Witte and his superior…

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